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Ask a Lawyer: I was in an accident with a driver working for DoorDash. What do I do?

DoorDash offers convenient food delivery, but since drivers need to get food to its destination in a hurry, they could cut corners and cause accidents. If you have been in an auto accident caused by someone working for DoorDash, what are your options? Understanding how auto insurance works for delivery brands like DoorDash will help you know what to do after a collision with a driver.

How DoorDash Insurance Coverage Works

When you drive for DoorDash you use your own personal vehicle for food deliveries, because you are not an employee. This leads to a problem for car insurers, though; most will not cover a personal vehicle that is being used for commercial purposes. Because of this, Door Dash offers drivers its own coverage to protect the other drivers they share the roadways with.

Door Dash requires all drivers to have proof of personal car insurance coverage; a driver that damages his own vehicle during a delivery will have to file a claim with their own provider. A driver that injures someone else during a delivery, though, is covered by Door Dash’s own coverage. Drivers are required to file claims with their own insurance company first, then the brand’s own insurance kicks in. That coverage is designed to protect you if you are hit by a driver whether you are in your own vehicle, on a bicycle or simply walking by.

What to Know if you are in an auto accident with a Door Dash Driver

You are considered a third party, and if the driver was working for DoorDash at the time, they are covered just like any other driver who collides with you. The other driver may not know what to do though, this can cause delays. According to DoorDash, they need to file with their own insurer first, then if declined, file with DoorDash.

For the other driver, this means you should follow the same steps we usually recommend for Redlands car accidents. Make sure the police are called, that the incident is documented and that any injuries get prompt medical attention. Next, you should contact an attorney, as this is a more complex case and you need to be sure your rights are protected.

If you’ve been in an accident and injured by a Door Dash, Instacart, Uber or similar brand driver, you can receive coverage and compensation from the brand. Get in touch with us to talk about your case and discover your options; we’re here to help you recover as swiftly as possible.