After the Crash: When to call a lawyer

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Some car and motorcycle accident cases are so minor a lawyer is not required. If you did not suffer any injuries and just sustained mild property damage, your insurance company (and the other party’s company) can generally sort things out. If you or one of your passengers has been injured, then you should speak to a lawyer before you do anything else. Also consider consulting with an attorney if your accident is more complex, if you are offered a swift settlement or if the other driver is trying to get you to accept some liability. 

When there are injuries in an accident or there are more complex issues involved, then an attorney can almost always ensure you get a better outcome for your case. Working with an attorney also means the other parties involved will have to treat you fairly. If you are unsure if your case needs legal attention, consider the scenarios below: 

4 Times to Call a Redlands Car Accident Lawyer

  • You’re not sure what to do: If you’ve been injured and don’t know what to do next or are overwhelmed, an attorney can always help. A free consultation can be used to assess your case and let you know if you need an attorney, or help you determine next steps. 
  • You’ve been in a complex accident: A simple straightforward accident may not require the assistance of an attorney, but one with special circumstances will. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident or an accident with a fatality or significant injuries, you should get legal help. If you were hit by a commercial vehicle like a truck, someone driving for Uber or there were more than two vehicles involved, legal assistance can help untangle things and ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to by law. 
  • You’ve been offered a hasty settlement: If the insurance company seems to be in a hurry and offers you a settlement, you might be offered less than you are entitled to; you should always check with a lawyer and have any settlement reviewed. The difference between a fast settlement offered to a victim and a settlement offered via an attorney can be astounding, so it is always wise to follow up with an attorney in this case. 
  • The other party claims you are to blame: If you are the victim, but the other driver attempts to turn things around and make it look like you are actually responsible, a lawyer can help you sort things out. When someone tries to shift the blame to you, they are trying to cut their own costs — if you are found to be partially liable, then your eventual compensation for your injuries could be reduced. If someone tries to blame you, you need an attorney to help make sure your case is not damaged and you are treated fairly in court. 

Get Help with your Car Accident Injuries

We understand just how disruptive and damaging a car accident can be — and that a single incident can have a significant impact on your life. When you’ve been injured in a car accident and don’t know what to do, or are feeling pressured and treated unfairly, we can help. Get in touch today for immediate help with your case and talk one on one about your specific details. We’re here to help you during this difficult time. 

After the Crash: Common Costs of Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accidents can lead to devastating injuries for the riders involved; along with the time needed to heal, the medical bills can be overwhelming. Learning more about what to expect from the accident and the most common costs victims experience can help you seek out help at the right time.  While accidents vary, some of the most common costs experienced are detailed below. 

  • Head injuries: Head injuries are by far the most expensive motorcycle injuries to treat; according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, costs can vary from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand for a head injury caused by a motorcycle accident. The main differentiating factor in determining outcomes, recovery time and costs is the presence of a helmet. 
  • Bodily harm: Injuries to extremities, skin and the back are also quite costly to heal, with costs starting at a few thousand dollars and ranging upwards from there, 
  • Therapy and recovery costs: Even after your immediate injuries are treated, you may have to go through a range of therapies, from physical therapy or occupational and even speech therapy. The severity and type of your injuries will determine the amount of therapy needed, and the amount of time you’ll be out of commission. 
  • Loss of abilities: If you are unable to perform your regular job or will have lasting damage, your costs won’t be purely medical. You’ll also need to find another job, which means retraining and more education. If you are unable to work at all, then you’ll also need to be compensated for the paychecks and salary you can no longer receive due to your accident. 
  • Lost wages: Injuries mean time away from work and a loss of income; you should be compensated for this time as well, and the costs will depend on what you regularly do and earn. 
  • Pain and suffering: Since a motorcycle accident can have extensive injuries, you may be compensated for the suffering and distress you have been put through after your accident. 
  • Misc: Other incidental expenses from medical devices to equipment can be costly and should be covered as well; property damage to your bike may also be included. 

We hope you stay safe on the road, but if the worst happens we can help. Get in touch right away after you’ve been involved in an accident; we can help ensure you are treated fairly and compensated for your case. We understand the complexities of the motorcycle accidents and can help you get the best possible outcome for your case. 

After the Crash: Determining Fault in Motorcycle Accidents

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A motorcycle accident can lead to devastating and costly injuries. A motorcycle is lightweight and offers little driver protection, so injuries can be severe. Because of this it is important to understand what happens after a Redlands motorcycle accident and how fault is determined.

Who’s to Blame for a Motorcycle Accident?

The liability for a motorcycle accident will determine how much the injured party is compensated – and if they are compensated at all. Determining who caused the accident is a key issue when it comes to motorcycle injuries; if you’ve been injured on your bike, the other party may try to make you responsible for some or all of your injuries.

The details surrounding the crash and even where you live will impact the outcome of your motorcycle case. It is important to understand the rules of the state your accident occurred in; if your motorcycle accident was in California please see below.

Determining Motorcycle Accident Liability in California

Did you contribute to your accident? The opposing side or insurance company will definitely try to show how your actions led to the accident. They will be doing this because the person with the most liability ends up being held responsible for an accident. Liability often plays a large role in determining compensation in motorcycle accident cases.

California looks at liability from both parties and each driver is assigned a portion or percentage of the blame; because of this, California is considered a comparative liability state. Liability is determined by looking at the accident and considering the following factors:

  • If both parties were following all traffic laws
  • Weather and other conditions that neither party can control
  • Negligence, including texting while driving, distracted driving and even road rage

When these factors are considered, one party is generally assigned more blame than the other. If you are found to be partially responsible through your own actions for your accident, your settlement could be reduced by the percentage amount of your liability. 

Since motorcycle accidents can be severe, the amount of damages is often very high. With these high stakes the best way to determine what happens next or to protect your rights is to work with an attorney from the start. Your motorcycle lawyer can ensure your side of the story is heard and you are treated fairly as liability is determined, If you’ve been in an accident, don’t delay; get someone on your side right away. We’re here to make sure you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Bike Accident Help: What to do if you are Hit by a Motor Vehicle While Cycling

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Despite making themselves visible and following the rules of the road, cars hit cyclists every day. Even a minor collision can have lasting results on your health and ability to work; it is essential that you know what to do if you are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. An accident that would be considered a “fender bender” with another car can cause significant injuries to a cyclist, so seeking out prompt medical attention should always be your first priority. 

What to do if you are in an Accident with a Motor Vehicle

If you are in an accident in Redlands, here’s what to do next to ensure your rights are protected and you can be fairly compensated for your damages and injuries. 

Seek out medical attention: Call 911 and accept any care offered or suggested. Head, back and neck injuries are common in bike accidents, as are skin abrasions and broken limbs. All of these need medical attention right away. 

Take photographs: In this type of crash, your bike likely sustained massive damage and is no longer usable. Take pictures of the scene, your bike and any damage caused to the frame and other areas. 

Call the police: If you’ve already called 911, then the police are on the way. If not, then give them a call to ensure an official accident report and the officer’s findings are recorded. 

Talk to witnesses: If you are riding with other cyclists, pedestrians saw your accident or other drivers stopped, you should get contact information to ensure you can get in touch if you need to. These witnesses may have valuable information about the accident that can help you with your eventual case. 

Don’t apologize: Never apologize or accept blame, even if it seems like the polite thing to do. The other driver will be worried about being liable for your damages and may try to get you to admit some liability. Talk to the police about the accident, but do not accept any reasonability for the crash. 

Learning what to do after a crash with a motor vehicle can protect your health and financial future. Since a bike accident can lead to lasting injuries, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney right away. Taking this step will ensure your rights are protected and you are not left unable to work, and without resources. If you have been in an accident, get in touch today to get the help you need to recover and get back on the road quickly. 

Most Common Bicycle Accidents (and how to avoid them)

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Bike accidents can be caused by everything from driver inattention to road rage; learning more about the most common types of bicycle accidents allows you to take steps to prevent accidents when you are sharing the road with motor vehicles. While every accident is unique, most bike accidents fall into one of several categories, detailed below.

3 Types of Common Bike Accidents

Right Side Collisions

These are very common and occur when a car makes a turn that invades the cyclist’s space on the right hand side. In many cases, the cyclist has already passed the car; as the vehicle makes the turn, it clips the bike, causing an accident and injuries. Right side collisions happen when cars are exiting parking lots, alleys, driveways and garages. While left hand accidents can happen, the right side collision is far more common, due to typical traffic patterns and road setups. Avoid this common accident type by increasing your visibility; right side collisions often happen because the driver of the car is not paying attention or does not see the bike until it is too late. 

Rear Ended on a Bike

It happens more often than you would think; a cyclist is rear ended by an impatient or inattentive driver. This accident can occur at any time but is most often seen when traffic is heavy and during rush hour, when drivers are in a hurry to get to work or are heading home. Since a rear end collision on a bike can lead to significant injury, lights, high visibility gear and reflective tape can help make you more visible on the road.

Hit by a Door

These accidents, also called “dooring”, are occurring more frequently, as cyclists begin to share city streets and populated areas with cars. A dooring accident is caused when the driver of a parked car opens the door directly in the path of a cyclist. The bicyclist can’t get out of the way in time, and ends up hitting the door. Again, visibility can help prevent this accident; simple awareness of cars you are approaching or passing can help as well.

Learning more about these common accident types can help you share the road successfully and safely with other drivers. We hope you’ll never need our assistance, but if you are injured in a bicycle accident, we can help. Get in touch right away to talk about your options and discover what our Redlands personal injury team can do for you. 

UPS Truck Hits Pedestrian Walking at Night in Washington

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Imagine getting off work late in the evening, going to a cross walk and pushing the button. Waiting for the little white walking person to illuminate and then stepping out once the signal shows it is safe to proceed. A few paces in, a commercial delivery truck such as UPS, Amazon Prime, FedEx or USPS strikes you – a pedestrian – and your life is immediately and nearly irrevocably changed.

This nightmare became a reality when a UPS truck struck pedestrian Brittany Jackson in a hit-and-run in Seattle. While the nature of this case is extreme, commercial vehicles are using public roads more than ever with increased demand for home delivery. Professional drivers are working longer hours with more frequent stops, creating a dangerous mix which can have deadly consequences. Fortunately for Ms. Jackson, the UPS truck did not end in a fatality, but the injuries were significant.

In the linked video, a traffic camera was able to capture the entire event – specifically the fleeing of the UPS truck driver. Left with bones broken in the street and unable to walk, screaming for help, Ms. Jackson was abandoned by the UPS driver.  The video shows the UPS truck driver continue after the collision for about 50 feet, then park. The driver appears to walk up to talk to Jackson, then walks away, and drives off. The driver, 45-year-old Carl Scammon, was arrested for hit-and-run by King County police.

At the time of the accident, UPS driver Carl Scammon was employed with United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) – and as an employee, UPS is liable for the negligent acts and/or omissions. This means a lawsuit to help Ms. Jackson recover from her injuries would be against the company UPS.

However, her recovery would be a long one, and with most commercial vehicle accidents, a complete recovery is seldom achievable. Using the legal system to file a lawsuit against the corporations operating these commercial vehicles is often a necessary step to help with the expense of recovery – this is necessary to pursue as Ms. Jackson’s medical bills surpassed $50,000.00 according to KIRO 7 ABC news.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for making public roads safer. According to their website (, there are over 4 million accidents every year involving commercial vehicles -resulting in over 10,000 fatalities and 1.3 million injuries each year.

If you find yourself involved in a commercial vehicle accident, you need a team of medical and legal professionals to help you recover. Contact the experts at Harsh Law to begin the process of recovery today.

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer – FedEx, Sysco, UPS and other commercial vehicles, who is liable in an accident and what steps can you take to receive compensation from an accident with a semi truck

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What Steps Should You Take After an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle Like a FEdEx or UPS Truck? 

An accident with a semi truck or delivery van poses significant risk to those in smaller vehicles. Not only are these commercial trucks huge, they are usually fully loaded, making them a hazard for anyone they come in contact with. In addition to the increased risk of trauma, the “start-stop” nature of these huge vehicles, combined with a need to make deliveries on time, too often leads to devastating injuries for those involved in even seemingly minor collisions.

Who is Liable for a Commercial Vehicle Accident? 

If a truck or van owned by Sysco, UPS or another commercial brand is involved in an accident, the resulting lawsuit can become complex, very quickly. Since these are commercially owned and operated vehicles, accidents caused by drivers are handled by the company itself, not by a personal insurance brand. A commercial vehicle insurer will be involved and stakes are high. An accident not only requires the brand’s insurer to compensate the victim, it impacts their overall safety rating as well. Because of this, a commercial carrier may fight to avoid responsibility even when their driver is clearly to blame. 

Because of the increased risk of trauma and the complexities of dealing with a corporation, accident victims are urged to take the specific steps detailed below to protect both their health, well-being and financial outlook. If you’ve been in a Redlands accident with a Fedex, UPS or other carrier, here’s what you must do to protect your rights: 

Seek Medical Help Right Away

Big trucks mean big trauma. Head, neck and back injuries may not be immediately apparent; call the police and an ambulance for help right away. Since the risk of significant trauma is high, your first call needs to be to 911 for help. Minutes can make a difference in a truck accident. Always accept medical treatment and follow up on recommended care; an accident with a FedEx or other delivery truck could lead to a permanent disability or impairment for victims. 

Document the Accident

Calling the police is an ideal first step, as they will also record events, but you should have your own documentation as well. Statements from those who witnessed the accident and the driver’s behavior, images and video of the scene and aftermath for your own recollection of events will help support your case.

Contact a Redlands Attorney Without Delay

Since the business is responsible for your injuries they will often want to pass responsibility over to you, it is essential that you work with an attorney from the start. Commercial vehicles are required to have specific maintenance and hours of service records and drivers are required to comply with strict FMCSA regulations.  Businesses who fail to comply face harsh sanctions and scrutiny, so passing liability and some responsibility for the accident onto the victim will prevent the brand from suffering these consequences. Because of this, a business will do anything they can to avoid responsibility. A lawyer will help you protect your rights and prevent you from being victimized twice — once in the accident and again in the aftermath. 

Get Help with a Commercial Vehicle Case

If you were in an accident with a Sysco, UPS or other commercial vehicle, you have options. Get in touch right away to ensure your rights are protected and you are treated fairly by the company that caused your accident. Because of the high risk of trauma and the high stakes, getting legal help from the start will ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries and losses. Call us today for immediate attention if you have been in a commercial vehicle accident, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

Truck Accident Lawyer – 5 tips to follow when you have been in an accident with a commercial vehicle

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When you are in an accident with a truck instead of a passenger car, your injuries could be more severe. You could also face some different circumstances when it comes to being compensated for your injuries if the vehicle that hit you was a commercial one. Commercial accidents are handled differently than those between two or more passenger vehicles. Learning what to do after a collision with a commercial or fleet vehicle will ensure you know how to handle this common scenario.

What to Do after a Redlands Commercial Vehicle Accident

If you were in an accident with a vehicle that is owned by a business or organization, the owner of the truck is responsible for your injuries and compensation, not the individual driver. Businesses are required to maintain safe, insured vehicles and to properly train drivers and employees; if they do not, accidents and injuries can happen at any time.

Commercial vehicles are not just trucks; any vehicle owned by a company, non-profit or business is considered a commercial vehicle. Delivery vans, cars, minivans, buses and motorcoaches all qualify as commercial vehicles as well when they are owned by a business.

Since accidents are not only costly, but the impact a business’s brand and public opinion as well, the owner of the corporate vehicle may try to do anything possible to avoid taking blame. Taking the steps below will help protect you in the event of an accident and ensure you are treated fairly by the owners of the commercial vehicle.

Take These Steps After an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle

  • Check for injuries and get medical attention: Truck accidents often cause traumatic injuries that require immediate care. 
  • Contact the police: This will document the accident and ensure you have all the details you need. 
  • Take photos and video: Any images or details you capture can be used to support your case. 
  • Never accept blame: Even if the other driver is insisting they are not at fault, you should never apologize or accept responsibility for the accident; doing so can harm your case. 
  • Get in touch with a Redlands truck accident law firm: Commercial accidents are complex; getting the right help from the start will ensure you get the compensation you are legally entitled to. 

Get Help After a Collision with a Commercial Vehicle

If you have been injured by someone driving a commercial vehicle or truck, get in touch right away. We can help ensure you are treated fairly and that the process does not become overwhelming for you. Our team understands how chaotic the time after an accident can be and stands ready to help you get on the road to recovery. 

Truck Accident Law Firm – Questions to ask when hiring the right lawyer to handle your claim

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If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you will need to hire a personal injury attorney to ensure you are treated fairly by the business that harmed you. When you are injured by a fleet vehicle or truck instead of an individual, you’ll be dealing with the entity that owns the vehicle, not an individual. This adds a layer of complexity to an already confusing issue; getting legal help can ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Choosing the right Redlands truck accident law firm will help you feel comfortable about your case and help ensure success. Here’s what to ask any lawyer you are considering hiring.

Have you handled cases like mine before?

Everyone starts somewhere, but your case should not be a warmup or starter for a new attorney. Commercial vehicle accidents are complex and need to be handled by a team with experience.

How long will my case take?

Every case is different, but the right attorney should be able to give you an idea of what to expect from the process and how long things usually take.

What do you charge?

Personal injury lawyers usually work on a contingency basis; instead of collecting a retainer or deposit up front, they receive a portion of the settlement funds you receive. You should know what percentage of your settlement the attorney will retain and have a good idea of what to expect from the process. 

Who can I talk to when I have questions? 

Your case should be assigned to an attorney or team and you should be able to get in touch easily. The firm you are talking to should be able to clearly relay who can help when you have questions and take the time to address any concerns you have. 

What if my case is lost? 

Since fees are paid from a successful case, you should be aware of any costs that you could incur if your case is not won. 

What settlement can I expect?

While each case is different, your lawyer should be able to give you a good idea of what to expect from a settlement for your case.  

Get the Answers you Need About your Commercial Vehicle Case

We know that the aftermath of an accident can be a trying and confusing time — and are happy to answer these and any other questions you might have about your case and the process. Get in touch today to move forward with your commercial truck accident case and to ensure you find the right law firm for your case. 

Ask a Lawyer: I was in an accident with a driver working for PostMates. What do I do?

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From fast food to groceries and even adult beverages, Postmates delivers goods to customers all over the US every day. Drivers make money for each delivery, so there is an incentive to move swiftly — which could increase their risk of accidents. If you have been in an accident with a Redlands Postmates driver, you should know what steps to take afterwards to protect your finanical wellbeing and future. 

Postmates and Insurance

According to the driver website, Postmates requires drivers to maintain their own personal car insurance and offers some supplementary protection for third parties. If you have been in an auto accident or have been struck while walking or biking, you should know that Postmates’ policies add an extra layer of complication to your case and additional steps may be required. 

Postmates Insurance Policies 

Since Postmates requires drivers to maintain their own insurance to cover accidents, but most personal car insurance brands won’t insure a personal vehicle used for commercial purposes, the insurer might not pay claims from an auto accident. If you have been hit by a Postmates driver, your claim could be denied. Postmates does say it offers insurance protection for third parties (that would be you, the victim), but provides few details on what is actually offered. This skimpy policy differs from the more robust offerings from brands like Lyft and Uber and may cause delays in your case.  Postmates coverage requires the driver actually be engaging in a delivery to be covered; according to the site, this means the driver must be on the way to shop for an order or on the way to deliver it to be considered on the job. 

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney after a Postmates Accident

The best thing to do after an accident with a Postmates driver is to get in touch with an attorney; the lack of a clearly defined policy could cause delays — exactly what you do not need if you’ve been injured. Aside from the insurance issue, an accident with a Postmates driver should be treated like any other Redlands car auto accident. You should seek out medical treatment for any injuries, contact the police to report the accident and take photos and videos of the scene. Since the other driver will have to file with their own personal insurer first, per Postmates policy, you’ll need their insurance details along with their contact details. 

Contact Harsh Law if you have been in an accident with a Postmates driver. Our team understands the nuances of the way car insurers handle claims for service jobs and will be able to walk you through the process. You’ve already been injured and are likely stressed out; let our team help you get on the road to recovery after your accident.