Business Formation

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and start-up companies fulfill their dreams. We admire their courage and share their excitement for creating something new.

Starting a new business is a challenging endeavor that requires new owners to address numerous tasks, such as creation of a business plan, finding space, hiring staff, developing technology, and marketing the business. We can help ease the burdens on new owners by efficiently handling their legal matters.

One of the first legal questions to confront a new business is the choice of a business form. Businesses may choose forms that create a separate legal entity, such as corporations and limited liability companies, or those that do not, such as partnerships and sole proprietorships. Which of these forms is right for a business will depend on a variety of factors including protection from liability to third parties, taxes, simplicity of use, predictability, and the need to raise money. We assist new businesses in making the right choice by presenting the relative pros and cons of the various alternatives. The choice itself, however, is made by the owners based on their business objectives.

If the business chooses to establish a corporation or limited liability company, we prepare and file the documents necessary to create the entity. In the case of a corporation, we also will prepare the by-laws. In the case of a limited liability company, we prepare the company’s operating agreement, which sets forth the terms by which the members agree to conduct their business. If the business chooses to operate as a partnership, we can assist in preparing a partnership agreement.

Once the business is up and running, we provide a variety of general counsel services, including advising the company on legal matters related to their business strategy and operations; advising on the rights, liabilities and duties of officers, directors, and members; registering copyrights and trademarks; drafting and reviewing commercial contracts; preparing privacy policies and terms of use; licensing technology; obtaining necessary licenses, permits and registrations; assisting with regulatory compliance issues; and resolving disputes.

We offer flexible billing arrangements for new businesses, including fixed fees for concrete matters, and in some cases, legal work in return for equity. If you are a new business and have a need for legal assistance, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.

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