Business Law

The business world of today is very complex and disputes of this nature are unique and complicated. Matters related to real estate, contracts, mergers, and fraud need to be resolved on a daily basis and often in a very timely fashion to adhere with all legal deadlines. It is advised that you contact an experienced attorney who can assist you in finding an effective legal solution to your problem. Harshbarger Law offers superior legal services to represent you in a variety of matters, including:

Business Formation
We provide representation not only to businesses and employees when involved with disputes, but also to those who are seeking to start a business or formulate a new structure for their business. We are passionate about your success, and want to help get you there.

Business Litigation
Whether a business is a major corporation or a small company, there are many state and federal regulations in place to ensure owners, individuals, or groups follow proper procedures when managing or promoting their services. Due to various circumstances, disputes among businesses, claims made against a business by an employee, customer, or even a state or federal government agency can lead to litigation. Business litigation in California is complex, often involving multiple parties and financial matters. If your business is being accused of unlawful conduct or if you are protecting your business against such actions being committed by another business, individual, or entity, you should consider contacting an attorney to protect your rights and interests.

Breach of Contract
Business contracts play an important role in protecting the best interests of those involved to help lower the chance that one party will try to take advantage of the other or fail to follow through with their obligations. Disputes surrounding contracts can arise in relation to sales of real property, property leases for over one year, promises to pay another company, the transfer of property when the party performing the contract dies, or when one party wishes to end a business partnership in such a way that goes against terms of the agreement.