Ask a Lawyer: When to seek medical attention

A car accident is a shocking and stressful event. In the immediate aftermath, you may be confused and numb which means this is not the right time to be making decisions about your health or assessing your injuries. Learning more about seeking medical attention after a Redlands auto accident will ensure that you get prompt treatment and prevent any injuries you have from becoming worse. Here’s what you need to know about seeking medical attention after your wreck. 

When Should I Get Medical Attention After a Wreck?

If you have visible or obvious injuries: This one is clearly straightforward; if you are bleeding, have pain or are otherwise in distress, you should see a doctor at once. Emergency treatment may be needed and you should accept the help that is offered. 

If a child was in the car: Kids may not recognize or be able to relay the signs of injury very well. If you had young children in the car, they should be seen right away, even if you do not see any injures. Back, neck and head injuries may not show up immediately, and if your child is crying and in distress,  you won’t know if they are in pain or simply in shock from the accident. Don’t risk it — take your children to be seen, even if you do not see signs of injury. 

If your airbags deployed: If your airbags triggered, then the impact was severe enough for you to have internal injuries, whiplash or neck injuries. See a doctor right away if any airbags in your car deployed during the accident. 

If EMTs recommend it: If an ambulance comes to the scene of the accident, they will check everyone out. If they feel you should head to the hospital, you should definitely go. EMTs routinely see accident victims and can likely spot the signs of a worsening injury better than you can. 

If you feel worse the next day: If you had no visible signs of trauma, the airbags did not deploy and EMTs did not come, you may think you are in the clear…until your head, back and neck start hurting the next day. Any pain needs to be evaluated by a medical professional, the sooner the better. 

Get Help with your Redlands Car Accident Injury

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