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Ask a Lawyer: I was in an accident with a driver working for PostMates. What do I do?

From fast food to groceries and even adult beverages, Postmates delivers goods to customers all over the US every day. Drivers make money for each delivery, so there is an incentive to move swiftly — which could increase their risk of accidents. If you have been in an accident with a Redlands Postmates driver, you should know what steps to take afterwards to protect your finanical wellbeing and future. 

Postmates and Insurance

According to the driver website, Postmates requires drivers to maintain their own personal car insurance and offers some supplementary protection for third parties. If you have been in an auto accident or have been struck while walking or biking, you should know that Postmates’ policies add an extra layer of complication to your case and additional steps may be required. 

Postmates Insurance Policies 

Since Postmates requires drivers to maintain their own insurance to cover accidents, but most personal car insurance brands won’t insure a personal vehicle used for commercial purposes, the insurer might not pay claims from an auto accident. If you have been hit by a Postmates driver, your claim could be denied. Postmates does say it offers insurance protection for third parties (that would be you, the victim), but provides few details on what is actually offered. This skimpy policy differs from the more robust offerings from brands like Lyft and Uber and may cause delays in your case.  Postmates coverage requires the driver actually be engaging in a delivery to be covered; according to the site, this means the driver must be on the way to shop for an order or on the way to deliver it to be considered on the job. 

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney after a Postmates Accident

The best thing to do after an accident with a Postmates driver is to get in touch with an attorney; the lack of a clearly defined policy could cause delays — exactly what you do not need if you’ve been injured. Aside from the insurance issue, an accident with a Postmates driver should be treated like any other Redlands car auto accident. You should seek out medical treatment for any injuries, contact the police to report the accident and take photos and videos of the scene. Since the other driver will have to file with their own personal insurer first, per Postmates policy, you’ll need their insurance details along with their contact details. 

Contact Harsh Law if you have been in an accident with a Postmates driver. Our team understands the nuances of the way car insurers handle claims for service jobs and will be able to walk you through the process. You’ve already been injured and are likely stressed out; let our team help you get on the road to recovery after your accident.