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After the Crash: Common Costs of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can lead to devastating injuries for the riders involved; along with the time needed to heal, the medical bills can be overwhelming. Learning more about what to expect from the accident and the most common costs victims experience can help you seek out help at the right time.  While accidents vary, some of the most common costs experienced are detailed below. 

  • Head injuries: Head injuries are by far the most expensive motorcycle injuries to treat; according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, costs can vary from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand for a head injury caused by a motorcycle accident. The main differentiating factor in determining outcomes, recovery time and costs is the presence of a helmet. 
  • Bodily harm: Injuries to extremities, skin and the back are also quite costly to heal, with costs starting at a few thousand dollars and ranging upwards from there, 
  • Therapy and recovery costs: Even after your immediate injuries are treated, you may have to go through a range of therapies, from physical therapy or occupational and even speech therapy. The severity and type of your injuries will determine the amount of therapy needed, and the amount of time you’ll be out of commission. 
  • Loss of abilities: If you are unable to perform your regular job or will have lasting damage, your costs won’t be purely medical. You’ll also need to find another job, which means retraining and more education. If you are unable to work at all, then you’ll also need to be compensated for the paychecks and salary you can no longer receive due to your accident. 
  • Lost wages: Injuries mean time away from work and a loss of income; you should be compensated for this time as well, and the costs will depend on what you regularly do and earn. 
  • Pain and suffering: Since a motorcycle accident can have extensive injuries, you may be compensated for the suffering and distress you have been put through after your accident. 
  • Misc: Other incidental expenses from medical devices to equipment can be costly and should be covered as well; property damage to your bike may also be included. 

We hope you stay safe on the road, but if the worst happens we can help. Get in touch right away after you’ve been involved in an accident; we can help ensure you are treated fairly and compensated for your case. We understand the complexities of the motorcycle accidents and can help you get the best possible outcome for your case.