Harshbarger Law – Car Accidents During the Holiday Season

Holiday Car Accident in Redlands, CA
Holiday Car Accident in Redlands, CA

Nothing can ruin your holiday plans quite like a car accident. The holiday travel season is always a busy one on the roads in this country – even though the news is quick to point out that record numbers of people will be traveling by plane to and from destinations, it’s important to realize that even more people will be taking to our roads and highways. Due to this increased risk for car accidents, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Out of Their Element

One of the major reasons why you’re at an increased risk of car accidents during the holiday season is because so many people on the roads won’t be from the current area that there are in. People coming in from out of town will naturally be unfamiliar with their surroundings, leading to sudden lane shifts, abrupt stops and more. Always leave at least two car lengths in between the car in front of your vehicle and to the rear to help stay safe at all times.

The Weather

To say that Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress during the holiday season is something of an understatement. Even though the Southern California area doesn’t necessarily get the types of major snowstorms that other areas of the country do, the weather can still worsen in its own unique way. Winter storms can seemingly occur out of nowhere, causing havoc for drivers. As a general rule, never leave the house before checking the weather to make sure you know exactly what you’re up against and plan accordingly.

People Unfamiliar With Their Current Climate

This risk factor is actually a combination of the previous two. Even though Southern California doesn’t have the worst weather, our mountains can be subject to snowstorms. Remember that people who have recently come in from out of town don’t have as much experience driving in the area’s unique climate as someone born and raised here. For example, a driver could be in Redlands, California to visit family then head to Big Bear, California for the holiday weekend subjecting themselves to snow and slick weather conditions. This could lead to poor choices when the roads start getting tricky, creating a dangerous situation for everyone involved. Make sure you’re comfortable driving in the type of weather that you’re going to be facing during your travels or let someone more experienced get behind the wheel.

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