Truck Accidents

Every year accidents involving large trucks kill about 5,000 people and injure some 115,000 persons. When a car, SUV or other passenger vehicle collides with a semi-truck, it is likely that severe damage and catastrophic injuries will be the result. These smaller vehicles are incapable of withstanding the tremendous force behind such an impact, leaving accident victims to deal with the tragic aftermath, which in some cases can even be wrongful death. When a commercial truck operator is at fault, either because of carelessness, fatigue, recklessness or driving under the influence, it is likely that innocent drivers were hurt and may be entitled to a significant financial recovery to help alleviate the stress and burden of:

  • Emergency transportation expenses
  • Hospital and medical bills
  • Damage to their vehicle
  • Lost wages & loss of future income
  • Pain, suffering and emotional anguish

Harshbarger Law recognizes the complexities involved when handling truck accident cases. It is important to have an attorney who understands that each case is different and special attention must be paid to the client to ensure that he or she is properly represented and fully compensated.

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