Stay Safe this Thanksgiving — 4 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

According to AAA, about 50 million Americans will travel this year for Thanksgiving; which means record numbers of drivers will be hitting the road at the same time. The increase in traffic adds up to heightened safety risks for travelers; more cars on the road means more chances of an accident and injury. We’re sharing some holiday travel safety tips below to help you make your journey safer.

Get a Tune Up: Traveling on a busy highway is already stressful; a flat tire or other issue could actually put you in danger. Getting the vehicle checked before you leave home can prevent many problems and ensure you’re not stuck standing in the cold beside a busy highway. According to AAA, over 300,000 travelers are delayed and endangered by flat tires and lockouts during this busy week each year.

Check your Route: Before you leave home, check your route and make sure you spot any potential problems. Some traffic issues simply can’t be avoided but knowing there is active construction on a particular highway can help you avoid the type of crashes associated with stop and go traffic.

Expect Delays and Poor Behavior: You have more to worry about than the bickering from the back seat. Delayed drivers are stressed out and likely to make poor decisions. From lack of awareness and care to actual road rage, bad driving behavior peaks during the busy holiday season.

Know what to do: If you are in an accident, you should know what to do. Once everyone has medical attention, you’ll need to document exactly what happened with video and photographs and take down contact information from all witnesses. With record numbers of travelers, chances are no one around you will actually be from the area of your accident; you’ll need to get their details and take pictures before these travelers resume their journeys.

We hope your holiday travel is safe and uneventful, but if you do encounter trouble, we’re here to help. Contact us after an accident or injury and ensure you are treated fairly by the other party and the insurance company. We’re ready to help when you need us most. Contact Harshbarger Law today.