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When To Hire A Wrongful Death Attorney

It is never easy to lose someone. Filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of a loved one can be more distressing and difficult to manage. The compassionate and experienced attorneys at Harsh Law understand how tough this process is for you. We’re eager to protect your rights to fight for what you and your family deserves for the loss of a loved one.


When is the passing of a loved one considered a wrongful death?

Wrongful death is a form of legal action that can be filed when someone dies due to a personal injury accident, such as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Every year, about 39,000 people are killed in motor vehicle incidents (
  • Slip and falls: Slip and falls account for over 20,000 fatalities per year in North America – i.e. 55 persons per day. It is the second leading cause of accidental death and disability after automobile accidents. Slip and falls kill more workers than all other combined forms of workplace accidents. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics,
  • Medical malpractice: Estimates as high as 250,000 lives are lost each year in the United States due to improper medical care resulting in a wrongful death. This includes errors during surgery, misdiagnosis, or failure to provide timely treatment.
  • Neglect or abuse in a nursing home or daycare
  • Construction or workplace injuries
  • Boating, watercraft and swimming accidents caused by negligence

If your loved one died because of a collision or afterward due to medical issues caused by the accident, you may file a wrongful death claim on their behalf. Hiring a wrongful death attorney will save you from additional suffering throughout the lawsuit process. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a wrongful death lawyer:


Reason 1: An attorney understands the legal process

If you don’t know what you’re doing, filing a lawsuit may be stressful and difficult. Our lawyers have extensive expertise handling wrongful death claims. We’ve amassed a considerable amount of information to assist our clients obtain the most compensation for their loss. Because the legal process is tedious and confusing, especially so when dealing with wrongful death, hiring an attorney can help ease your stress so you can focus on what matters to you.


Reason 2: An experienced attorney will save you time

If you try to represent your own case, you’ll have to devote a significant amount of time working on it. Wrongful death claims are generally lengthy and labor-intensive. Know that if you do not hire an attorney, you will be responsible for spending a significant portion of your own time on the case.

When you choose a wrongful death lawyer, they handle all the work for you. They’ll manage deadlines and all legal processes while also handling all tasks related to the case. While you’ll have to attend some meetings and conduct phone conversations, the quantity of effort required will be drastically reduced.


Reason 3: Your attorney understands the value of your claim

Due to the wide range of circumstances that can result in a wrongful death lawsuit, each claim is compensated differently. However, your wrongful death lawyer will know how to properly value your claim so you may receive the greatest compensation possible. When it comes to estimating the value of a case, an experienced attorney will prove to be the best resource for helping to determine if a wrongful death case is worth pursuing.


Reason 4: Your attorney can help provide support

The loss of a loved one can be devastating. At Harsh Law, we’re here to provide support through the entire wrongful death claim process. Knowing that we will build the strongest available case to ensure that you receive the compensation and justice you deserve for the loss of your loved one may be very reassuring. We’ll also make sure that things are as painless as possible for you. Overall, we’ll assist in reducing the stress that comes with legal matters.


Reason 5: A wrongful death attorney can take your case to trial if a settlement offer is not acceptable

Wrongful death cases are often settled, and therefore don’t make it to trial. However, our attorneys have plenty of courtroom experience if your case ends up making it that far.

Our lawyers will devote a significant amount of time to haggling over your settlement offer. This procedure may last for months, but we’ll make sure that you receive the highest settlement offer possible for your wrongful death situation.

The Harsh Law attorneys are prepared to defend your wrongful death claim in court if your case can’t be settled beforehand.


Hire a wrongful death attorney to fight for you and your loved one to get the compensation you deserve

We will work with you to evaluate the specifics of your wrongful death claim and help you understand just how much your case is worth, in terms of money and liability. We know insurance companies like to play hard when it comes to negotiating a settlement offer for a wrongful death lawsuit.

You’re hiring someone to advocate for you and your family by hiring a wrongful death attorney. We won’t let you get undervalued by the insurance corporations because we know how much your wrongful death lawsuit is worth.


Contact Harsh Law to speak to a wrongful death attorney today

Speak with our skilled and aggressive team of wrongful death attorneys as soon as possible if someone you care about has died as a result of a personal injury accident. We’re prepared to assist you in obtaining the compensation, justice, and closure you deserve for your loss.

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