Ask a Lawyer: Should I take photographs

If you have been involved in a Redlands auto accident, your first priority should be ensuring that everyone in your vehicle is uninjured or being cared for by emergency personnel. You may need to administer first aid as well, but taking care of any immediate or emergency issues should be your top priority. Once injuries are attended to you should do everything you can to document the accident. 

Most of us carry smartphones wherever we go – -and you can put yours to work after an auto accident to fully document the conditions and damages caused by the other driver. Take both photos and video to show what truly happened, and to support your case if needed. The following pictures or video should be taken on the scene whenever possible: 

The location of both cars before they are moved: The final resting place of each vehicle says a lot about how the accident occurred and can even be used to determine fault. Sometimes cars need to be moved to keep the road safe; if possible, take photos beforehand to document where each vehicle was. 

The weather and conditions: The weather and condition of the road can also matter when it comes to a car accident. A driver who was ignoring heavy rain, wind or other conditions could have put you both at risk, simply because of their negligent behavior. Any temporary signs, including construction and detour signs, should also be photographed at the scene; these could have bearing on your case and may be removed at any time by highway personnel. 

Document witnesses and other drivers: A video of the scene will show where all parties came to rest after the accident, help capture witness details and possibly determine if the other driver is drunk or impaired.

The road: The skid marks left by the vehicles, any unrepaired road damage or obstructions could be important. Take pictures while you are at the scene to document these details, just in case. 

Photographs and video help you document the accident and will be very helpful when it comes to determining the other party’s liability and the damages you are owed. Take more pictures than you think you need; you’ll be able to show your Redlands car accident attorney exactly what happened when you have the right type of documentation. 

Help for Car Accident Victims

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