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Ask a Lawyer: What other factors are calculated into settlements?

There is no defined amount that is awarded to victims of Redlands auto accident cases. Instead, the compensation received is determined by reviewing the case and incident, uncovering the extent of the damages and understanding any long term effects the victim will face. Since every accident is unique the compensation received will also be unique to the case. Learning more about the factors that are used to calculate your settlement can help you get an idea of what to expect. 

5 Factors that Will Impact your Auto Accident Settlement Amount

Extent of your Injuries

The injuries you have received, the amount of time it takes to recover and even the pain and suffering you have to go through to get back to normal all impact the settlement you could receive. The more extensive the injuries, the higher your settlement will likely be. Minor injuries that require medical treatment, but not surgery or an extensive recovery time result in lower settlement offers than those that do need surgical repair or long term recovery times.

The extent of your injuries and treatment needed also impact your ability to return to work and make an income. You could be entitled to lost wages and time at work — this amount will vary depending on your profession and salary.

Long Term Losses and Damages

If you have sustained permanent injury or disfigurement, your eventual settlement will vary, depending on the damage sustained and how it impacts your life. Injuries that make it impossible to work — or to work in the profession you have trained for will significantly increase your potential settlement. You may also be entitled to compensation to train for a new position. 

Negligence and Fault

If you are found to have contributed to the accident in some way or were partly negligent, your eventual settlement could be impacted. Your settlement may be reduced by a percentage if you are found to be partially liable to have contributed to the accident in some way.


A fast settlement offered by an insurance company that wants to get things over with quickly is not in your best interests and will result in less compensation for you. Insurers know that if they settle swiftly, you may agree to a lesser amount — and they won’t be liable for long term damages that only show up after medical treatment is complete.

Get Help with your Redlands Auto Accident Case

Since settlements vary by a wide degree, it is important to work with a personal injury attorney from the start;  if you don’t know your rights or what to expect, you could be making a costly mistake. Contact our team right away if you have been in an accident; we work hard to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries and losses and make it easier for you to move forward after an accident.