Ask a Lawyer: I was in an accident with a driver working for Uber. What do I do?

Uber makes it easy and accessible to get a ride when you need one, but it also can make things confusing if the car is involved in an accident. Who is responsible for a collision with injures in Redlands if one driver is working for Uber? What happens if you have been injured, and how can you be compensated for your injuries? This is a relatively new area, so learning more about how ride share apps like Uber work can save you time, money and hassle after you’ve been in an accident. 

Uber and Insurance

Uber’s rules regarding insurance coverage as of June 2109 outlines the insurance coverage that is offered in the event of an accident. Since Uber drivers are not employees and own their own cars, coverage is not as straight forward as it is for personal vehicles or commercial, company owned cars. Uber coverage kicks in only when the driver is on the way to or from an active ride or during the ride itself. Each driver has their own personal vehicle, so if you are struck while they are not working, the rules for personal insurance apply. 

Coverage for Uber Accidents During a Paid Ride

If you are in an auto accident with a driver during the time they are driving for Uber, you are covered by the brand’s own insurance. This offers coverage for your injuries is for third party damages and in the following amounts: 

  • $1,000,000 third-party liability
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision

A driver covered by this insurance is protected by Uber when they are actively driving or when the app is open, and they are waiting to claim a ride. Other drivers, passengers and even pedestrians are protected during this time. 

Off Duty Coverage for Uber Driver Accidents

If you are in a collision with a driver who is off duty, meaning the app is closed, and they are not actively looking for a pickup or driving someone then the driver’s own personal insurance is in effect and you should proceed as usual after an accident. 

What to do after an Accident with Someone Driving for Uber

After any auto accident, including one with an Uber driver, you should call the police, fully document what happened and seek medical treatment for your injuries. The driver will file a claim with Uber or their own personal insurance and then the process will continue like any other auto accident settlement. The main difference will be that the driver may be required to file with thier own insurer first and be declined because they were using the car for business. At that point the Uber insurance will kick in. 

Since this adds a level of complexity to the process, you should get in touch with an auto accident attorney after a collision with an Uber driver. This will ensure you’ve done everything you need to, that your rights are protected and that you can resume your normal life as swiftly as possible after your accident. Contact us right away if you’ve been in a collision with an Uber driver and we’ll walk you through the process.