California Car Accident Laws You Should Know About


This article provides an overview of some important laws that motorist in California should know about. Many things do happen in car accidents and sometimes they border on the violation of State DMV codes and some of these violations may result in court cases.

This articles intends to inform motorist and other road users about how to avoid a court process in case of an accident. It also points out what direction to take in case you got injured in an accident. This article will help you get your due compensation.

1. Under The California Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law All Motorists Must Have Minimum California Insurance Coverage.

This defines the basic insurance cover requirement for motorists within California. This law stipulates that all motor vehicle operators and individuals’ residents, who drive their cars in California, shall be financially responsible if they drive a car that is involved in an accident. The minimum insurance liability cover in California is the 15/30/5 and covers a $15,000 injury and death claims for one individual, $30,000 for damages to all persons in the car and $5,000 for the damaged property claim against your car.

2. Primary and Non-Primary Road Intersection Rules:

– According to this set of rules when a non-primary roadway motorist has to enter an intersection under the doctrine of preemption, the driver can only cross a primary street after determining that it is reasonably safe.

– When entering a roadway from a private driveway, the driver involved must always give the right of way to oncoming vehicles or else exiting the drive way can result in an accident if the other driver is in close proximity.

– Motorists on the shoulder of a highway or roadway are treated just like motorists entering the roadway from a private driveway. This means that these drivers must yield to traffic on the road and only enter the roadway when it is reasonably safe to do so, without causing traffic obstruction or an accident with the other motorists on the roadway.

– When overtaking a vehicle on the highway, the driver of the overtaking vehicle has the duty to ensure the road ahead is clear and safe to proceed prior to passing the other motorist.

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