When A Car Hits You While Walking

If this has happened to you or a loved one, the most important step is to get immediate medical attention. Second, but equally important, is to consult an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. At Harsh Law, Mark Harshbarger provides a safe environment to discuss the accident and recovery. All initial consultations are complimentary and designed to answer your questions, provide you with education and information on how to recover.

  • FIRST: Call the police. Depending on the location of the accident, you may need to request a copy of the police report from either a city police department, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department or the California Highway Patrol.
  • SECOND: Get immediate medical attention. In any accident, the first step is to assess and treat major injuries to minimize long-term effects and recovery time. A medic can best identify non-visible injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) can difficult to detect. Proper examinations and tests are often used in a legal case as evidence. Do not simply go home and attempt to self-care.
  • THIRD: Talk to an attorney. While you work with your medical team on the physical recovery from your accident, the right lawyer will deal with the insurance companies. It is important to select a lawyer to represent you before giving any statement to the insurance company of the driver and well before you discuss or accept any settlement offer.
  • Keep all of your information. Hold on to accident scene photos, witness names and numbers, insurance company letters and receipts from all accident-related expenses, including your medical bills.
  • Write a journal. Even if very brief, write an entry about the accident and add notes on a daily basis. Be sure to include pain levels, appointments, hardships incurred and your ability to work and engage in other activities.
  • File an auto insurance claim. Yes, you read that right. If you have auto insurance, you may have pedestrian coverage. This type of insurance will cover you when you are the pedestrian in a vehicle accident.