Experienced Pedestrian Attorneys: How HarshLaw Makes a Difference

At HarshLaw, our goal is to bring professionalism and results to your case. By making sure we explore all avenues for compensation, we work to help you recover and move on from a pedestrian vehicle accident by performing some or all of the following steps on your case:

  • Retrieve and review the police accident report
  • Collect and professionally analyze accident scene photos
  • Inspect the accident scene and the driver’s vehicle
  • Talk with eyewitnesses
  • Analyze available video footage via traffic, dash or personal cameras
  • Subpoena (if necessary) driver’s cell phone records
  • Examine the driver’s chemical test results (if police obtained a breath, blood or urine sample)
  • Recommend medical examiners based on injuries
  • Gather and analyze your medical records
  • Request the driver’s debit/credit card receipts of the time near the accident

These steps, while seemingly mundane and straightforward, are important steps in building the foundation of a solid case that will be effective in negotiating a settlement or submitting as evidence should the case progress to trial.


At HarshLaw, we work hard to determine why the driver hit you or any other pedestrians in an accident. Reckless or negligent drivers should be held responsible for physical, emotional and financial harm they inflict on pedestrians.

In some cases, the driver may only be partially responsible. It is important to know that in addition to the driver, their employer should take precautions for preventing all accidents. Further, if the driver was under the influence of any substance, a bar or store or person who provided any impairing substance to the driver, for instance, could be liable as well.

It is important to identify every potential defendant and all sources of compensation available to you to maximize the amount of compensation available to aid in recovery and rehabilitation.

Throughout your case, our attorneys will advise you of any settlement offers and advise you on making decisions – you aren’t in this fight alone. HarshLaw is always available to talk about your case and answer your questions.

Statue of Limitations for Pedestrian Auto Accident Claims in California

In short, you must take action within 2 years of the accident.

According to the legal reference website Nolo.com, if a person suffers injuries, including another driver, passengers, bicycle rider, pedestrian, or others, then the lawsuit must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

HarshLaw recommends contacting an experience lawyer in pedestrian auto accidents well before the 2-year mark and as close to the accident as possible for two main reasons: (1) getting money from a settlement is helpful with recovery and (2) evidence becomes harder to collect the longer you wait.

Contact us to find out how an experienced lawyer can make a major difference after a pedestrian accident. HarshLaw will review your case in a free consultation through our offices in Redlands and San Bernardino County.