Harshbarger Law – Semi-Truck Accidents: 10 Tips To Avoid

Truck Accidents in San Bernardino

They tower over commuter cars on the freeways and surface streets often moving along at 65 miles per hour. These hulking behemoths are the workhorses of our economy and transport goods between businesses and railway or shipping yards. A semi-truck is nothing to mess with and can cause extreme damage in any number of incidents […]

Do YOU Know What to Do If You’re in a Bicycle Accident?

One would think that it should be easy for motorists to both see and avoid cyclists on the road, unfortunately that is not the case. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cyclists are actually at a higher risk of crash-related injuries than drivers themselves are. People between the ages of 15 and 29 […]

5 Common Personal Injury Accidents

car accidents common personal injuries

When people hear the term “personal injury” from a legal perspective, they most commonly associate these injuries with car accidents. However, the term encompasses many other types of injuries.

Be Cautious When Ridesharing

Uber is in more hot water, following a personal injury lawsuit brought against the company in March, 2014. This latest suit, brought by a female Uber passenger, alleges that a male Uber driver repeatedly fondled her while she was a passenger in the vehicle. The driver asked her to dinner while touching her leg, but […]