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Financial and Emotional Compensation for Wrongful Death in San Bernardino County

If you or a loved one has been affected by a wrongful death situation in San Bernardino County and the surrounding areas, it’s always important for you to understand all options available to you from a legal perspective. Many people are already aware of what financial compensation is and how it works. If the person who unfortunately passed away was a provider of family income, for example, financial compensation may be awarded to help account for some essential funds that will no longer be present.

Something that fewer people understand is emotional compensation, however, which can often be a major aspect of any recovery in a wrongful death case. Though the specifics will vary depending on the situation you find yourself in, there are still a number of important things you need to be aware of.

What is Emotional Compensation?

Emotional compensation is designed to help address the psychological impact that you and your loved ones have had to endure due to the wrongful death situation you now find yourself in. This can involve a large number of different things including depression, fear, anxiety, and more. The important thing to understand is that what can be emotionally distressing to one person may not be to the next, which is why there is typically not a strict definition of what would be covered and what would not be.

In order to properly claim emotional distress in a wrongful death lawsuit, you must take certain steps to document these conditions before you file your claim. The chances are high that you’re already seeking medical treatment, so you should speak with your medical professional about the psychological issues that have developed as a direct result of your wrongful death. Many people agree that keeping some type of daily journal where you chronicle your symptoms on an ongoing basis can be particularly helpful, especially if your case ends up in a court of law.

Harshbarger Law

At Harshbarger Law, we understand exactly how devastating a wrongful death situation can be in San Bernardino County and the surrounding areas. This is why we are and will remain singularly committed to our clients, helping to guarantee that they receive not only the maximum financial compensation but emotional compensation that they are entitled to as well.

If you have any other questions about financial and emotional compensation for a wrongful death that you’d like to see answered, or if you’d just like to speak to someone about your own unique situation a little more directly, please don’t hesitate to contact Harshbarger Law today.