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HarshLaw for Orange County Accident Victims

Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, Orange County is an ocean front jewel of Southern California and includes numerous beach cities as well as areas of finance and industry. Unfortunately, its booming population, coupled with the hustle and bustle of surrounding areas, means that Orange County residents experience an excessive volume of motor vehicle traffic on a daily basis.


With that many vehicles and individuals combined in a relatively small area; accidents are inevitable. If you are involved in an accident, legal representation is vital to getting financial recovery to help you and your family get back on your feet.


At HarshLaw, we understand what it takes to make sure that you’re taken care of while in recovery. We’ll fight to help you pay medical bills, repairs, and other expenses that may result from your accident. HarshLaw has helped residents in and around Orange County deal with their injuries and claims. To help you understand how we work, let’s go over the various areas of practice in which we specialize.


Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist in Orange County, you have to remain extra vigilant while out on the road. Although wearing a helmet and full-body gear can help mitigate the effects of a motorcycle collision, you’re much more at risk for injury than you would be in a car. Regardless of the circumstances, HarshLaw will make sure your costs are covered.


Car Accidents

With so many drivers on the highways, freeways and roads in Orange County, collisions happen every single hour. While many car accidents are relatively minor, they can result in significant injury and repair expenses. In fact, there are over 200,000 injuries in California each year due to car accidents.


Pedestrian Accidents

If you’re walking along a road or thoroughfare, there isn’t much protecting you from a pedestrian collision – meaning your injuries are likely to be severe. At HarshLaw, we’ll fight to make sure we hold the driver, insurance companies and vehicle owners (if commercial) accountable to help you with the financial recovery from an accident.


OCTA Bus Accidents

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) buses don’t go as fast as cars and they are significantly more resistant to impact. A lack of seatbelts can leave riders vulnerable to injury in a crash. Depending on the nature of the bus collision, you may be entitled to compensation, so contact HarshLaw immediately if you are involved in a bus accident to find out your options.


Bicycle Accidents

Orange County is increasingly becoming a community of active cyclists and not just in the wonderful beach trails along the Newport Beach and Huntington Beach areas. With the rising costs of driving or public transportation, riding your bike can be an appealing alternative for transportation. However, like being on a motorcycle, you are not as well protected as you would be in a vehicle. Collisions involving bicycles can be disastrous, which is why you need the legal team at HarshLaw to handle your case.


Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

These days, more and more commercial delivery vehicles are on the road. Unfortunately, many companies push their employees to the limit, which means fatigue and slower response. This can result in reduced safety for all who share the road. If you are involved with a commercial vehicle in any accident, the legal team at HarshLaw will work with you to help establish liability and seek financial recovery.


Boating Accidents

As Orange County is next to the water, many residents may spend at least some time on watercraft or in the water. Carelessness, alcohol or poor operation can quickly turn a leisure day of fun into a life changing injury. While there is much less traffic on the water, there are many different variables that can cause problems. If you’re injured in a collision with another boat, an obstruction, or something else on or in the water, HarshLaw will ensure that you’re covered for any damages resulting from a boat, jet ski or other watercraft accident.


Why HarshLaw?

Mark Harshbarger founded HarshLaw with the single focus of using legal resources to help victims recover financially from an unwanted accident or injury. We have experience helping California individuals and their families with vehicle, injury and wrongful death cases. Because of the personal commitment and professional attention, we bring to every new client, we believe HarshLaw is the best place to serve your legal needs – and trust that after speaking with us, you will agree.


Contact HarshLaw today and schedule a free consultation and case review.