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What is a personal injury attorney?

A personal injury attorney is a legal professional who is hired to help a victim recover financially from any loss due to an injury caused by another’s negligence.

The types of loss and the types of injury can vary greatly. Most injuries are physical, but the injury can also be mental or emotional and can even include injuries to personal property.

In a typical personal injury case in the Redlands or San Bernardino county areas, the injury sustained is caused by someone other than the victim. Determining the person responsible for the injury is often complex and may involve multiple parties, all sharing a portion of the responsibility – also referred to as causation.

Causation legally obligates the negligent or faulty party to pay for losses associated with the injury. In order to establish causation or fault, your Harsh Law personal injury attorney will provide evidence and reasoning to prove that:

  • The responsible party had an obligation to provide safety or to not harm the victim
  • The responsible party violated that obligation
  • A victim was injured and experienced loss
  • A victim’s injury was caused by the breach of the responsible party’s duty

Gathering the necessary evidence and information to prove these points is a time-consuming and complex task. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Harsh Law are familiar with the legal requirements to build such a claim.

Can a personal injury attorney tell me how much my case is worth before meeting?


Any attorney that claims to provide an internet ‘calculator’ or other marketing tool is simply trying to bait potential clients. No attorney can accurately tell you ‘what your case is worth’ over the phone and without a serious review of the claim.

The truth of the matter is, every single case is different, and the two major factors of compensation are loss and recovery. It takes legal experts significant time to understand how a victim has been affected by an accident.

The best way to determine what a personal injury case may be worth is to speak with the experienced personal injury attorney team at Harsh Law during a no-obligation consultation.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

After an accident, especially a personal injury, many people will settle quickly with an insurance company rather than filing a claim. Insurance companies understand most people are overwhelmed by an injury and do not believe they can handle the stress of fighting to get the recovery they need.

The best course of action is to take the time you need to recover and allow an experienced legal professional work on your behalf to seek an appropriate settlement with an insurance company rather than accept a low-ball offer.

Harsh Law, like many other successful personal injury law firms, works on a contingency basis. This means our clients pay nothing upfront and our fees come from a settlement with the responsible party –we do not get paid until you do.

Talk to the Harsh Law team today about your personal injury. We want to hear from you and represent your claim to help provide the best recovery possible.