Truck Accident Lawyer – 5 tips to follow when you have been in an accident with a commercial vehicle

When you are in an accident with a truck instead of a passenger car, your injuries could be more severe. You could also face some different circumstances when it comes to being compensated for your injuries if the vehicle that hit you was a commercial one. Commercial accidents are handled differently than those between two or more passenger vehicles. Learning what to do after a collision with a commercial or fleet vehicle will ensure you know how to handle this common scenario.

What to Do after a Redlands Commercial Vehicle Accident

If you were in an accident with a vehicle that is owned by a business or organization, the owner of the truck is responsible for your injuries and compensation, not the individual driver. Businesses are required to maintain safe, insured vehicles and to properly train drivers and employees; if they do not, accidents and injuries can happen at any time.

Commercial vehicles are not just trucks; any vehicle owned by a company, non-profit or business is considered a commercial vehicle. Delivery vans, cars, minivans, buses and motorcoaches all qualify as commercial vehicles as well when they are owned by a business.

Since accidents are not only costly, but the impact a business’s brand and public opinion as well, the owner of the corporate vehicle may try to do anything possible to avoid taking blame. Taking the steps below will help protect you in the event of an accident and ensure you are treated fairly by the owners of the commercial vehicle.

Take These Steps After an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle

  • Check for injuries and get medical attention: Truck accidents often cause traumatic injuries that require immediate care. 
  • Contact the police: This will document the accident and ensure you have all the details you need. 
  • Take photos and video: Any images or details you capture can be used to support your case. 
  • Never accept blame: Even if the other driver is insisting they are not at fault, you should never apologize or accept responsibility for the accident; doing so can harm your case. 
  • Get in touch with a Redlands truck accident law firm: Commercial accidents are complex; getting the right help from the start will ensure you get the compensation you are legally entitled to. 

Get Help After a Collision with a Commercial Vehicle

If you have been injured by someone driving a commercial vehicle or truck, get in touch right away. We can help ensure you are treated fairly and that the process does not become overwhelming for you. Our team understands how chaotic the time after an accident can be and stands ready to help you get on the road to recovery.