Semi Truck Accident Lawyer – FedEx, Sysco, UPS and other commercial vehicles, who is liable in an accident and what steps can you take to receive compensation from an accident with a semi truck

What Steps Should You Take After an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle Like a FEdEx or UPS Truck? 

An accident with a semi truck or delivery van poses significant risk to those in smaller vehicles. Not only are these commercial trucks huge, they are usually fully loaded, making them a hazard for anyone they come in contact with. In addition to the increased risk of trauma, the “start-stop” nature of these huge vehicles, combined with a need to make deliveries on time, too often leads to devastating injuries for those involved in even seemingly minor collisions.

Who is Liable for a Commercial Vehicle Accident? 

If a truck or van owned by Sysco, UPS or another commercial brand is involved in an accident, the resulting lawsuit can become complex, very quickly. Since these are commercially owned and operated vehicles, accidents caused by drivers are handled by the company itself, not by a personal insurance brand. A commercial vehicle insurer will be involved and stakes are high. An accident not only requires the brand’s insurer to compensate the victim, it impacts their overall safety rating as well. Because of this, a commercial carrier may fight to avoid responsibility even when their driver is clearly to blame. 

Because of the increased risk of trauma and the complexities of dealing with a corporation, accident victims are urged to take the specific steps detailed below to protect both their health, well-being and financial outlook. If you’ve been in a Redlands accident with a Fedex, UPS or other carrier, here’s what you must do to protect your rights: 

Seek Medical Help Right Away

Big trucks mean big trauma. Head, neck and back injuries may not be immediately apparent; call the police and an ambulance for help right away. Since the risk of significant trauma is high, your first call needs to be to 911 for help. Minutes can make a difference in a truck accident. Always accept medical treatment and follow up on recommended care; an accident with a FedEx or other delivery truck could lead to a permanent disability or impairment for victims. 

Document the Accident

Calling the police is an ideal first step, as they will also record events, but you should have your own documentation as well. Statements from those who witnessed the accident and the driver’s behavior, images and video of the scene and aftermath for your own recollection of events will help support your case.

Contact a Redlands Attorney Without Delay

Since the business is responsible for your injuries they will often want to pass responsibility over to you, it is essential that you work with an attorney from the start. Commercial vehicles are required to have specific maintenance and hours of service records and drivers are required to comply with strict FMCSA regulations.  Businesses who fail to comply face harsh sanctions and scrutiny, so passing liability and some responsibility for the accident onto the victim will prevent the brand from suffering these consequences. Because of this, a business will do anything they can to avoid responsibility. A lawyer will help you protect your rights and prevent you from being victimized twice — once in the accident and again in the aftermath. 

Get Help with a Commercial Vehicle Case

If you were in an accident with a Sysco, UPS or other commercial vehicle, you have options. Get in touch right away to ensure your rights are protected and you are treated fairly by the company that caused your accident. Because of the high risk of trauma and the high stakes, getting legal help from the start will ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries and losses. Call us today for immediate attention if you have been in a commercial vehicle accident, we are here to help you every step of the way.