UPS Truck Hits Pedestrian Walking at Night in Washington

Imagine getting off work late in the evening, going to a cross walk and pushing the button. Waiting for the little white walking person to illuminate and then stepping out once the signal shows it is safe to proceed. A few paces in, a commercial delivery truck such as UPS, Amazon Prime, FedEx or USPS strikes you – a pedestrian – and your life is immediately and nearly irrevocably changed.

This nightmare became a reality when a UPS truck struck pedestrian Brittany Jackson in a hit-and-run in Seattle. While the nature of this case is extreme, commercial vehicles are using public roads more than ever with increased demand for home delivery. Professional drivers are working longer hours with more frequent stops, creating a dangerous mix which can have deadly consequences. Fortunately for Ms. Jackson, the UPS truck did not end in a fatality, but the injuries were significant.

In the linked video, a traffic camera was able to capture the entire event – specifically the fleeing of the UPS truck driver. Left with bones broken in the street and unable to walk, screaming for help, Ms. Jackson was abandoned by the UPS driver.  The video shows the UPS truck driver continue after the collision for about 50 feet, then park. The driver appears to walk up to talk to Jackson, then walks away, and drives off. The driver, 45-year-old Carl Scammon, was arrested for hit-and-run by King County police.

At the time of the accident, UPS driver Carl Scammon was employed with United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) – and as an employee, UPS is liable for the negligent acts and/or omissions. This means a lawsuit to help Ms. Jackson recover from her injuries would be against the company UPS.

However, her recovery would be a long one, and with most commercial vehicle accidents, a complete recovery is seldom achievable. Using the legal system to file a lawsuit against the corporations operating these commercial vehicles is often a necessary step to help with the expense of recovery – this is necessary to pursue as Ms. Jackson’s medical bills surpassed $50,000.00 according to KIRO 7 ABC news.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for making public roads safer. According to their website (, there are over 4 million accidents every year involving commercial vehicles -resulting in over 10,000 fatalities and 1.3 million injuries each year.

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