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When A Dog Bites Harshbarger Law Has You Covered


Accidents come in many shapes and sizes with one of the more common being dog attacks. While most dog attacks lead to a minor injuries there are still more than a few that lead to severe disabilities and/or death. Fortunately, there are lawyers who specialize in handling cases involving dog attacks. If you have a dog or you’re ever around dogs make sure you know your rights. Here’s an overview of the basic rights you have and how an attorney can be of help when it comes to settling a dog attack case in your favor.

You may deserve compensation

Depending on the location and details involved in an incident involving a dog attack, you may be due a certain amount of compensation. Then again, if it was your dog that attacked someone else, you may be liable for paying any due compensation, which of course is why you need to make sure your dog is properly covered with insurance. No matter the details of the case an experienced attorney can help you determine the best route to take when it comes to having the case settled in or out of court.

Always take pictures

No matter who the owner of the dog is or where the attack took place pictures need to be captured to help reveal a full view of what really happened; this is especially important if the attacked person wants to file a lawsuit as pictures will be extremely helpful to the case. As the owner of the dog, a person will need the pictures as well to help them secure the most favorable outcome.

Call 911 – if needed

If an injury needs to be treated then 911 should be called immediately and any pictures taken that can be captured should be snapped at this point. Once the ambulance arrives the injuries will be assessed and the person will be transported to the appropriate medical facility. If no medical attention is needed, pictures should still be taken; this will make it possible to have evidence relating to the attack in the event that the incident is ever taken to court.

Contact a lawyer who specializes in dog attacks

Lastly, properly dealing with dog attacks means you will contact a lawyer and go over the details of the case, usually in person or over the phone. A victim who has sustained severe injury as a result of the attack may still be in the hospital during the initial lawyer consultation and this is perfectly fine because the case needs to be handled by an attorney as soon as possible. The more time a lawyer has to prepare the case, the more favorable the outcome will likely be.

If you or someone you know has been attacked by a dog, call Harshbarger Law today to get your case started.