How To Avoid Accidents On The Freeway


Accidents are all too common on freeways and when you look at the way people drive on them, it is no surprise. The best way to drive on any freeway is to drive defensively and abide by some common freeway driving rules. Driving on the freeway is entirely different from driving on other roads. To avoid accidents on the freeway, follow these basic rules.

1. Do not stop on the freeway unless you are in traffic. It is not safe at all to go below the minimum speed posted unless traffic has caused other cars to either slow down or stop. Follow the traffic but do not stop unexpectedly or someone may run into you.

2. Do not drive backwards or go in reverse. If you go off an exit by mistake, don’t even attempt to go in reverse to get back on the highway. It is not safe even if you are a great driver. You cannot assume other drivers will expect or look out for a vehicle going in reverse on the freeway.

3. Give tractor trailers plenty of room. These trucks can weigh 20,000 pounds more than your vehicle that weighs roughly 2,500 pounds. A tractor trailer cannot stop quickly like your car because of this weight. If you are pulling in front of one of these big rigs, always give them plenty of room to be on the safe side.

4. Obey the speed limit. The speed limits are set for a reason so it is best to follow them. You may need to go a bit faster to get around someone every once in a while but you should slow back down to a reasonable speed after. Staying at a high speed opens up the opportunity to lose control and get into an accident which will be even more serious due to your speeding.

5. Pay attention to other drivers. Even if you are the best driver in the world, the freeways are filled with bad and distracted drives. You are bound to run into a few of these and you need to pay attention to those drivers to make sure they do not put you in danger.

6. Know the power of your vehicle. Your vehicle is more powerful than you imagine. Take your time, be careful, and pay attention because when you are driving you’re operating a powerful machine. Understanding this while driving can go a long way for the safety of yourself and others on the freeway.