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5 Immediate Steps To Follow After An Accident in Riverside, California

If you’ve been in an accident in Riverside, CA, the steps you take after the impact will have a huge bearing on any eventual settlements or lawsuits that arise from the collision. Car accidents can lead to extensive injuries and property damage; knowing what to do in the aftermath can help you protect yourself and any loved ones involved and ensure you are treated fairly by the people who harmed you. Discovering these important details now can help you take action after an accident; the time immediately after a crash can be overwhelming and confusing, so knowing what to do can help you cope in this stressful time. 

5 Immediate Steps To Follow After An Accident in Riverside, California

Get Emergency Assistance

Call the police to report the accident and emergency services to assess any injuries. Some injuries may be more evident than others, so having EMS on the scene allows for immediate treatment. The police and ambulance reports will also help document what happened and what caused the accident. 

Document the Accident

Use your phone to take pictures and videos of the cars in the aftermath of the crash; this should be done before the cars have been moved, if possible. Get images of the damage to all vehicles, the road and any obstacles that could have contributed to the crash and even the weather conditions. These critical details can be used later to support your case. 

Speak with Witnesses

People who witness car accidents often stop to assist. Make sure you get his or her names and contact details of anyone who witnessed the crash or the aftermath. These individuals could help you in your case later and their input could help uncover the contributing factors in the accident. 

Visit a Doctor

Even if emergency personnel have seen you, both you and any occupants of your vehicle should see a doctor as quickly as possible after the crash. Since injuries to the neck, back and head may not be immediately apparent, seeing a doctor allows you to reduce your risk of further harm. A common car accident injury like a concussion, whiplash or back injury may not be felt until a day or two later; getting prompt treatment further documents your case and protects your health. 

Speak with a Riverside Car Accident Attorney

Even if you have incredibly bad luck, this is likely the only, or one of the only accidents you’ve been involved in; car accident attorneys deal with cases like yours every day and can help ensure you are treated fairly by the other side. Seeking out the advice of an attorney is a critical step after an accident and is the best way to be sure you will be treated fairly after an injury. Call our team at Harshbarger Law today if you need help after a car accident; we understand how upsetting this time can be and stand ready to assist you during this difficult time.