Harshbarger Law – Don’t Text and Drive

Common sense (and the law) tells us that you shouldn’t drink while intoxicated. Getting behind the wheel of a car in an impaired state isn’t just a danger to yourself…

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5 Common Personal Injury Accidents

When people hear the term "personal injury" from a legal perspective, they most commonly associate these injuries with car accidents. However, the term encompasses many other types of injuries.

Harshbarger Law – Car Accidents and the Law

The moments immediately following an auto accident can be a stressful time for everyone involved. You have rights that are very important and Harshbarger Law will do whatever it takes…

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Pedestrians in California and elsewhere are much more likely to suffer catastrophic personal injuries or to be killed if they are involved in an automobile collision.

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Exploding E-Cigarettes

The e-cigarettes' lithium-ion batteries are the type of batteries also found in laptops and cellphones. But with e-cigarettes, the batteries are especially prone to overheating because smokers use incompatible chargers,…